WP2 Ecosystem services supply, risk assessment and trade-off analysis

WP2 will encompass the complementary exchange and analysis of approaches to assess risk and trade-offs between forest ecosystem products and services at various temporal and spatial scales. It builds from research on forest resources economics and management science in each partner institution to develop innovative tools to simulate the impact of decisions and of social and policy options on forest ecosystems and on the provision of ecosystem services. For that purpose the work in WP2 is structured into sub-WPs as follows:

· WP 2.1. Aims at the development of spatial optimisation and simulation methods
· WP 2.2. Aims at the development of current spatially explicit management science approaches to further address risk and uncertainty.
· WP 2.3. Aims at the development of approaches to combine spatial optimisation and multi-criteria methods to enhance criteria trade-off analysis in multi-purpose management of forests

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