WP4 Communication and dissemination

WP4 secures the dissemination of results through preparation of workshops, research seminars and training workshops. WP4 will be led by CTFC  which will work in close collaboration with the scientific coordination (ISA) and with the Project Management Team (PMT) to organize the project workshops and conferences. All participants in the network will be involved in different tasks of WP4.

· (T0.4-01) Dissemination and training events: (1) one scientific workshop every year (joint with PMT annual meeting), open to all involved partners as well as to the scientific community and stakeholders; (2) computer lab sessions that will run in parallel to the scientific workshops, which will provide the opportunity to stakeholders to learn and get familiar on the use of Decision Support Tools; (3) research seminars (one per research secondment, organised by the relevant institution), addressed to other researchers and students; (4) two scientific conferences (intermediate conference in 2017 in Seattle and final conference in Chile in 2019).

· (T0.4-02) Scientific publications. The scientific coordinator together with the (PMT) will be in charge of preparing
special issues in scientific journals, scientific reports and joint research publications.

· (T0.4-03) Project website linked to social network ICT tools managed by CTFC. All documents (e.g. power points, films and videos of the presentations and workshops), outputs and prototypes developed in the project will be uploaded in the website. As well, the website will include an updated project agenda and news about its progress and related research topics.

· (T0.4-04) Short communication releases on events, achievements and progress of the project, through the beneficiaries’ websites, joint research units participated by the beneficiaries and press releases.

· (T0.4-05) Multimedia material with general information on the project and the MSCA Actions (biannual paper newsletter, brochures, leaflets, posters, short videos) to be used by the participants of the network in the workshops addressed to external end-users. This material will be downloadable from the project website.

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