Seminar – The state-of-the-art of forest management models, methods and decision support systems – the SuFoRun experience.

Seminar – The state-of-the-art of forest management models, methods and decision support systems – the SuFoRun experience.

12th – 14th of September 2017. Solsona, (Spain).


This international seminar will focus on the presentation of models, methods and decision support systems developed during the secondments performed at SuFoRun institutions. These models and methods that may be used by public administrators, forest owners and industry for forest management planning in a context of global change. In addition, the seminar will further include some presentations from invited speakers, which will present state-of-the-art models and methods used in other countries. This seminar is part of annual seminars that are be organized under the SuFoRun international R&D project ( and is organized by Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC, Spain), and Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA, Portugal).

SuFoRun is Marie Skodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) action funded by the European Union H2020. Is focused on forestry and climate change interactions, including the development of adaptive forest management tools. The SuFoRUn consortium is built to include highly qualified research institutions in nine countries (i.e. Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil and USA) that share complementary interests in key scientific disciplines for the development of the forest sector. The project will serve to exchange and generate knowledge on multipurpose forests, addressing risk and uncertainty and the development of knowledge on methods and tools to support policy analysis and development in a context of global change. The project strengthens research collaboration through active networking, staff exchange and dissemination activities between the participants.

Scientific Program 12th September:

9:00 – 9:30 Welcome and presentation of the seminar (Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo, coordinator of the project and researcher at the Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya – CTFC, Toni Trasobares head of the CTFC).

  • Forest Management Planning in Catalonia. Current situation and future trends. Trasobares, A. (CTFC)
  • Brief presentation of the SuFoRun project to the general public. Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo (CTFC)

9:30 – 11:30 Session I. Keynote Presentations.

  • Vegetation Modelling approaches. Miquel de Cáceres (CTFC).
  • Operations Research in Forestry. Andrés Weintraub (Universidad de Chile).
  • Terrestrial Condition Assessment for the National Forests of the continental US. Keith Reynolds (USDA, US).

11:30 – 12:00 Coffee break.

12:00 – 13:15 Session II. Ecosystem Dynamics.

  • Sustainable forest management of Tectona grandis (teak) plantations in Costa Rica: incorporating the values of carbon, biodiversity and timber in a simulation analysis with 3PG. Anja Nölte, Henrik Meilby, Rasoul Yousefpour (University of Freiburg, Germany).
  • Managing stand density to enhance the adaptability of Scots pine stands to climate change: A modelling approach. Ameztegui A., Cabon A., De Cáceres M., Coll (CTFC)
  • Forest Simulators in Portugal: from develoment to improvement. Susana Barreiro (ISA, Portugal).
  • Significance of Soil Microbial Community in Ecosystem Dynamics and Disturbances: Soil Organic Matter Persistence and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks. Mireia Llorente (CTFC).

13:15 – 15:00Lunch.

15:00 –17:00 Session III. Forest Management planning.

  • Integration of strategic and tactical levels in the management of industrial forest plantations using multi-criteria optimization models. Belavenutti, P.; Romero, C.; Diaz-Balteiro, L (UPM, Spain)
  • Adressing Climate Change in a Stochastic Optimization Model in Forest PlanningPlanning under risk and uncertainty. Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo (CTFC).
  • A Multicriteria Stochastic Optimization Framework for Sustainable Forest Decision Making under Uncertainty. Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda (Universidad de Chile).
  • A MIP Approach for Multi-Action Planning for ThreatManagement. A biodiversity conservation framework. Virgilio Hermoso (CTFC).
  • Adaptive management rules for Catalonian Pinus Nigra stands under risk of Fire. José Ramón González-Olabarria (CTFC).


Scientific Program 13th September:

9:30 – 10:30 Session IV. Ecosystem Management Decision Support Systems and Simulators.

  • Designing Strategic Management Points and corresponding management measure to improve suppression efforts against large forest fires. González-Olabarria, J.R., Piqué, M., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Reynolds, K.
  • Designing a web-based DSS for ecosystem management planning. Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Cristal, I., González-Olabarria, J.R.
  • Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics Models (MED-LDM) in Catalonia. Lluís Brotons. To be confirmed.

10:30 – 11:15. Coffee Break
11:15 – 12:45. Session V. Multi-Objective forest planning.

  • Multi-Objective forest planning. Borges, J.G., Garcia-Gonzalo, J. (ISA, CTFC)
  • A Multicriteria Stochastic Optimization Framework For Sustainable Forest Decision Making Under Uncertainty. Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda (Universidad de Chile).
  • A Generalizable MCDA model to support the management of Brazilian Forest Plantations: The Paricá And Eucalyptus Cases. Silvana Nobre Ribeiro (UPM, Spain).
  • Integrating retention systems in a strategic forest planning using a goal programming model. Marta Ezuerro, Luís Díaz-Balteiro, Marta Pardos.To be confirmed.

12:45 – 13:30 Wrapping up

13:30 – 15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 18:30 – Project Management meeting (closed to the coordinators)


14th of September, (closed to the consortium):

9:00 – 10:30 – Meeting with the project officer (whole consortium)

INTRODUCTION: Consortium presentation,
COORDINATOR: Project Situation,

10:30 – 11:00 – Coffee Break
11:00 – 13:00 – Meeting with the project officer (whole consortium)

Report on the management of the project: the secondments done, justify delays, financial aspects, Ethics….

WP Implementation:

  • WP objectives and associated tasks.
  • Scientific breakthrough and success achieved.
  • Deliverables and implementation.
  • Link to the secondments, tasks and deliverables.
  • Future Implementation (linked with secondments and deliverables).
  • Reporting about the Training, Transfer of Knowledge and Networking performed.

13:00 – 14:30 – Lunch
14:30 – 17:30 – Meeting with the project officer (whole consortium)

  • Feedback from Project Officer.
  • Meeting REA and seconded staff.
  • Impact Aspects:
    Dissemination of Results
    Communication Activities

Organizing team:

  • Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo. (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya CTFC, Solsona, Spain)
  • José Guilherme Borges (Forest Research Centre, Instituto Superior de Agronomia ISA, University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal).
  • Carla Bellera (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya CTFC, Solsona, Spain)
  • Imma Clop (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya CTFC, Solsona, Spain)

Scientific committee:

  • Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo (Centre Tecnológic Forestal de Catalunya, Spain)
  • José Borges (Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal)
  • Andrés Weintraub (University of Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile).
  • Paulina Fernández (Catholic University of Chile. Santiago de Chile. Chile)
  • Sandor Toth (University of Washington (UW). Seattle. USA)
  • Bastiaan Louman. (CATIE, Costa Rica).
  • Keith Reynolds. (USDA, USA).
  • Marc McDill (Pennsylvania State University (PSU). USA)
  • Luís Díaz Balteiro (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain)
  • Eva-Maria Nordstrom (SLU, Sweden)
  • Rasoul Yousefpour, (University of Freiburg, Germany)
  • Antti Kilpeläinen (University of Eastern Finland. Finland)
  • Heli Peltola (University of Eastern Finland. Finland)
  • Ljusk Ola Eriksson (SLU, Sweden)
  • Dianne Staal Wästerlund (SLU, Sweden)


Attendance and participation:

Fees & Registration

Fees: The seminar will be free of charge, lunch will be already paid for all SuFoRun participants for days 12th to 14th of September as weel as the group dinner at Bufi restaurant (located in Hotel Sant Roc).

Registration: Attendants must confirm their attendance to the seminar until August 31st. However, be aware that the total audience is limited and the acceptance will be done by order of confirmation and that special price for hotels will be kept for those registered before August 15th. Please send your name and affiliation. To register send an email to: Carla Bellera ( and cc it to Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo (

Please to ensure a special price for the hotel inform us about your hotel selection when registering to the conference/meeting and we will make the reservation for you (see table 1 for hotel options and prices).


Table. Hotel information.

Hotels Prices Breakfast included Comments
Hotel Sant Roc

Double rooms: 99 €

Single rooms: 51 €

At the city centre.


La freixera

Double rooms: 95 €

Single rooms: 58 €

At the city centre.


Hotel Solsona Centre

Double rooms: 55 €

Single rooms: 35 €

At the city centre
Seminar Hostel Double rooms: 44 €

Single rooms: 25 €


At the city centre.

No wifi available in the rooms but available at common spaces. No TV.

No room service.

Hostal Crisami

Double rooms: 65 €

Single rooms: 38 €


300 m from the city centre


Hotel Gran Solsona


Double rooms: 61.5 €

Single rooms: 44 €


600m from the city centre. No wifi available in the rooms but available at common spaces.


Practical information


The seminar will take place in the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, Crtra St Llorenç de Morunys, Km2, Solsona, Lleida, Spain. Transportation will be organized from Solsona to the research center.

How to arrive to Solsona from Barcelona

Shared taxis will be arranged. Please when registering indicate your arrival and departure time and we will organitze them for you. The cost of the taxi is around 120 € per trip and we will try to optimize the groups.

Other options:

By regular Bus

Regular buses between Barcelona city center and Solsona. The company is and the buses depart from Estació d’autobusos Barcelona-Nord


Departing time


Arrival time (Solsona) Price (one way) Price (round trip) Service days
6:30 8:35 17.4€ 31.4€ Every day
11:00 13:29 17.4€ 31.4€ Monday to Friday
15:00 17:05 17.4€ 31.4€ Every day
18:45 21:14 17.4€ 31.4€ Monday to Friday



Departing time (Solsona) Arrival time (Barcelona) Price one way Price round trip Service days
06:10 08:30 17.4€ 31.4€ from Monday to Friday
07:55 10:00 17.4€ 31.4€ every day
14:30 16:50 17.4€ 31.4€ from Monday to Friday
16:55 19:00 17.4€ 31.4€ every day


By car

Of course you can come to Solsona with your own car or with a rented one! In case you prefer to rent a car, we recommend this link to find cheap cars but of course you can use any other seach engine:

* Please remember to inform us about your arrival/departure times, hotel preferences and need to organize shared taxis for you. We do need this information to formalize the hotel reesrvations for you and to organize taxis if needed.